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Kansas Vehicle Online Registration

The Morris County Treasurer's Office is an agent for the State of Kansas for registering and titling motor vehicles. We issue license plates upon receipt of proper documentation and submission of the correct fees. The fees include registration fees, personal property taxes, title fees, and sales tax, if applicable. Each year the State sends out courtesy reminders six weeks prior to the expiration date of the license plate. It is a state law that every vehicle has proper insurance coverage before the vehicle can be registered. We handle the initial titling of vehicles in Morris County, as well as the annual renewals. Once a vehicle is purchased, the new owner has 30 days in which to bring their documentation into our office to be processed. If the purchase is an out-of-state title, the owner of the vehicle needs to have a vehicle identification inspection completed. This is done at the Morris County Sheriff's Office for a charge of $15.00 in cash only. The inspection fee for salvage vehicles is $20.00 in cash only.Inspections are done from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The license plates in Kansas expire based on the first letter in the last name of the first person on the title.
Vehicle Tag Schedule
Last name begins with:
Tag expires at midnight on:
February 28 (or 29)
March 31
C, D
April 30
E, F, G
May 31
H, I
June 30
J, K, L
July 31
M, N, O
August 31
P, Q, R
September 30
October 31
T, V, W
November 30
U, X, Y, Z
December 31

How to Get Estimates for Vehicle Taxes
To get estimates for vehicle taxes for Morris County,
click here and follow the onscreen directions.


Vehicle Tag Forms


These forms are made available here for you to print out, fill in, and take with you to the tag office. It is our hope that this resource will improve the acquisition process for vehicle license tags. 
These forms require the accompaniment of the
Verification Request Form.

All forms available on this page must be read with
Adobe Acrobat Reader. (This is a free download.)

If you have trouble accessing any forms, request them from the County Treasurer at


Registration / Special Tags:
Custom Plate and Decal Application (TR-211)
Disabled Placard/Plate Application (TR-159)
Disabled Veteran Plate Application (TR-103)
Mail in Personalized Plate Application (TR-715PR)
National Guard Application and Statement (TR-129)
Oil Well Registration Exemption Affidavit (TR-164)
Self Certification of Continued Eligibility for Disabled Parking Privilege (TR-159a)
6000 Mile Affidavit (TR-49)
Special Interest Vehicle Certification (TR-145)


Abandoned Vehicle Affidavit (TR-105)
Affidavit of Permanently Affixed Manufacturer/Mobile Home And Application to Eliminating Title (TR-63)
Application for Secured/Duplicate/Reissue Title (TR-720B)
Application for 72 Hour Transport (Auction) Permit (TR-126)
Application for Title Reassignment Addendum (TR-69)
Decedents Affidavit (TR-83a)
Landlords Affidavit (TR-125) ***
Lien Release (TR-150)
Lien Sale Affidavit (TR-96 M/S) ***
Odometer Disclosure Statement (TR-59)
Possessory Lien Affidavit (TR-85) ***
Repossession Affidavit (TR-84)
Request and Consent for Title to be Issued with Lien (TR-42)
Request for Access to Vehicle Records (TRDL-302)
Title and Registration Application (TR-212a)
Title Authorization Form (TR-134)
Title With Out of State Lienholder (TR-100)
Transfer Certificate Application-Non-Repairable (TR-201)
Transfer on Death Affidavit (TR-82)
VIN Vehicle Procedures for Vehicles Outside the State of Kansas (TR-65)

Affidavit for Charitable Organization Vehicle Auction (TR-110)
Affidavit of Relationship (TR-215)
Affidavit to a Fact/Bill of Sale (TR-12)
Agreement to Reaffirm Sale (TR-6)
City/County/Township Distinctive License Plate Yearly Report (TR-30)
Electronic Title Sales Agreement (TR-39a)
Lienholders Consent to Transfer Vehicle Ownership (TR-128)
Military Affidavit (TR-108)
Military Exemption Affidavit (PV-PP-57)
Salvage Non-Highway,Non-Repairable Certification (TR-13)
Notice of Security Interest (TR-730)
Power of Attorney (TR-41)
Power of Attorney and Odometer Disclosure for Electronic Title (TR-40)
Property Tax Exemption Affidavit (TR-9)
School Bus Affidavit (TR-88)
Sellers Affidavit (TR-216)
Specially Constructed Vehicle Affidavit (TR-91)
Temporary Permit Instructions (TR-205)
Valueless Mobile Home Affidavit (TR-62)
Vehicle/Motor Ownership Affidavit (TR-90)
VIN Vehicle Procedures for Vehicles Outside the State of Kansas (TR-65)