Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Morris County Appraiser

The County Appraiser has the responsibility to discover, list and appraise all taxable and exempt real and personal property within Morris County.  These responsibilities are directed in accordance with the Kansas constitution as well as laws and directives issued by the Kansas Department of Revenue, Property Valuation Division (PVD).


The Morris County Appraiser’s office, to stay within compliance of K.S.A. 79-1476 which states in part, “Commencing in 2000, every parcel of real property shall be actually viewed and inspected by the county or district appraiser once every six years.  Section 17.1 of the Revaluation Maintenance Specifications (RMS) requires the county appraiser to select a sample of parcels for inspection in such a manner to ensure that 100% of the parcels in the county are inspected at least once every six years.”

Kansas Property of Valuation Department, in years past required the Data Collector to measure at least 2 sides of a house and a structure to make sure records were correct, and no additions were added.  We would interview the owners, tenants or leave a door hanger to make sure interior information was correct.

For the 2020 year we will still be required to do re-inspections and sales inspections as required by K.S.A. 79-1476, but we will NOT MEASURE OR INTERVIEW.  If a change is visually noticed in the property (additions, new construction, etc.), it will be noted, and we will return later in the year to complete the re-inspection with measurements.

If you notice the Morris County Appraiser’s vehicle (Blue Jeep Cherokee with MORRIS COUNTY APPRAISER on both sides) on your property throughout the summer and year, they will be reviewing the Property Records visually and taking an updated photo.  Again, we will NOT be INTERVIEWING owners or tenants.  We are doing this to try and keep our employees as well as the public safe from COVID-19.

A few of the areas we will be inspecting for the 2020 year but not limited to these areas are City Lake of Council Grove, and the South East portion of Morris County.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office at (620)767-5533.

Thank You,

Ryan Michaelis
Morris County Appraiser


Each year the cost of local services is spread across the value of taxable property.  

Local Budgets / Assessed Value of Taxable Property = Mill Levy

County appraisers are responsible for uniformly and accurately valuing all property each year.  That way, all citizens fairly share in supporting the cost of local services.  Local services include police and fire protection, roads, parks, public health services and schools.

All property is valued annually as of January 1st.

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Appraiser & Deputy Appraiser

Ryan Michaelis
Registered Mass Appraiser

email:  rmichaelis@morriscountyks.org

Kay Taylor
Mapping, Oil Valuation

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Clerical, Personal Property
& Field Staff

Amanda Julian

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Hettie Patton

email:  hpatton@morriscountyks.org

February 6, 2020

PURSUANT K.S.A. 79-1460a

Annually, at least ten business days prior to the mailing of change of value notice pursuant to K.S.A. 79-1460a, and amendments thereto, the county or district appraiser shall cause to be published in the official county newspaper the results of the market study analysis as prescribed by the Director of Property Valuation of the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Morris County utilizes one model for market estimates. Homes built before 1945 and those built 1945 and after are differentiated within this model. This is called age modeling and the trends related to each are as follows:

A study of Morris County residential real estate market for older houses, i.e., built before 1945, indicated that there is an overall deflationary trend of 3.8% per year.

A study of Morris County residential real estate market for newer houses, i.e., built after 1945, indicated that the market was stable with no general upward or downward trend

A study of Morris County commercial real estate indicated that the market is stable with no general upward or downward trend.

A study of Morris County real estate market for vacant lots indicated that the market is stable with no general upward or downward trend.

Values on specific properties may not follow indicated trends because of changes in the property, correction of data or adjustment of value based on sales of similar properties. Some properties may increase to a greater rate while some properties may decrease or change in valuation only slightly.

Agriculture land values have been established by the Division of Property Valuation and Kansas State University. In accordance with the provisions in K.S.A. 79-1476, the Division of Property Valuation is required to annually furnish each county the results of its study related to changes, if any, of the use value of agricultural land. Changes can and do occur as a result of several factors including cropping practices, commodity prices and production costs.

Ryan T. Michaelis,  RMA
Morris County Appraiser

(620) 767-5533  office 501 West Main Street 8am-5pm
(620) 767-7717  fax Council Grove, KS  66846 Monday-Friday