Solid Waste Transfer Station

Contact Information:

  • Manager: Travis Schweger
  • Operator: Alexis Barlow
  • Address: 614 US Hwy 56, Council Grove, KS 66846
  • Phone: (620) 767-5706
  • Fax: (620) 767-8000
  • Email

Hours of Operation:

  • Back to normal business hours as of April 15, 2020
  • Hours of Operation: 9:00 am till 4:45 pm Monday thru Saturday
  • Closed on Sunday and all approved County Holidays

Types of Solid Waste Material Accepted:

The Transfer Station will accept the following solid waste materials, free of charge, only to Morris County residents.

  • Household trash and/or garbage, includes:  waste from the preparation, cooking and consumption of food, market refuse from handling, storage and sale of produce, glass crockery, glass jars, paper, cartons, cardboard boxes, tin cans and old furniture and bedding. 
  • Car and light pickup tires are accepted only from Morris County residents if the tires are off the rims and clean of dirt and mud.  There is no limit to the number of tires per visit.  We do not accept tires on rims.  We will accept larger tires and tires from businesses, however, there will be a charge.
  • We only accept small trees (less than 6" in diameter), brush, tree trimmings and limbs in our burn pile.  No painted or treated wood, railroad ties, creosote poles, clean wood or plywood are allowed in this pile.  There is a separate pile for large tree trunks and logs.
  • Metals and white goods include, but are not limited to: scrap iron, metal lawn furniture, iron, aluminum, copper and brass items, clean wire, appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washer and dryers, deep freezers, air conditioners and humidifiers).  Any appliance that has a compressor containing freon must have the freon recovered and tagged by a certified technician.  NO SCAVENGING.
  • Cold ashes, such as residue from fires used for cooking and heating buildings or from fires in a trash burner.  These ashes will be dumped onto the tipping floor, separated from the other burnables and will be inspected by the transfer station operator before being pushed into the transfer trailer.
  • Street rubbish, such as street sweepings, dirt and catch-basin dirt is accepted.
  • We accept materials such as:  brick, concrete, and other masonry materials, soil and rocks.  They can be dumped free of charge in the assigned location.  Concrete with rebar, pipe, or wire reinforcement that extends from the concrete will not be accepted.
  • Household Hazardous waste includes, but is not limited to:  Paint products (preservatives, stains, thinners, solvents, paint strippers, varnish), personal care products (cosmetics, nail polish remover, hair remover), cleaning supplies (soap, drain cleaners, bleach, window cleaners, floor wax), pesticides, fertilizers, rat/mouse poisons, and other wastes such as glue, aerosol cans, epoxy, air fresheners, rust remover, car wax, and radiator flush/cleaner.  These items must be in leak-free containers to be accepted.  As this household hazardous waste is accepted, it is segregated and sorted into designated cabinets for temporary storage.
  • Lead acid batteries of all kinds and sizes will be accepted.  Used oil:  includes motor oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, cooking oil and brake fluid.

Fees Assessed for Use of the Transfer Station:

The Transfer Station is available to residents of Morris County.  Anyone wanting to dump solid waste is required to identify him or herself and give their 911 (physical) address from where the solid waste came from.  Any solid waste that is generated out side of Morris County will be charged $.06 per pound with a minimum of $5.00 per load.  

Any Morris County resident or Contractor that has been hired by a Morris County resident wanting to dump construction demolition material will be charged $5.00 per pickup load, out of county $10.  The load weight will be estimated/determined by the transfer station operator.  If either load is less than a 30- gallon trash can full, there will be no charge.  At the discretion of the transfer station operator, any load may be required to be weighed before being allowed to dump regardless of size and be charged $.03 per pound.  Out of county charge for weighed demolition construction is $.06 per pound.

Any contractor or individual that has construction or demolition material to dump from a commercial or business property will still be charged the usual $.03 per pound for disposal, which includes roll-offs.  Any load not separated out from limbs, wire, rocks or cement will be charged $.03 per pound, $5.00 minimum.

Metals and white goods included, but not limited to:  scrap iron, metal lawn furniture, iron, aluminum, copper and brass items, clean wire, appliances, such as: refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, deep freezers, air conditioners and humidifiers.  Any appliance that has a compressor containing freon must have the freon recovered and tagged by a certified technician.  Any motor, gear box, transmission, or any other compartment containing or able to contain petroleum based products or other fluids must be drained and the fluid disposed of in a proper manner before the motor, gear box, transmission, etc is dropped off at the Transfer Station iron pile.

The "construction and demolition" waste basically includes solid waste resulting from the construction, remodeling, repair and demolition of structures.  These materials include, but are not limited to:  roofing material (asphalt shingles, tar paper and hot tar roofing materials), sheet rock, plaster, drywall, electrical wiring (with protective coating or aluminum cable), plywood, pressed wood, paneling, wood products, painted windows, lawn items, creosote wood posts and poles, railroad ties, wood fencing, CCA or treated wood and poles, plumbing fixtures (shower stalls, stools, lavatories, medical cabinets, etc), rugs, carpets and pads.

Mixed Loads:  These are loads that have a mixture of materials that are not separated such as concrete, metal, lumber, dirt, trash, etc.  There will be a charge of $.02 per pound for these loads with a $5.00 minimum per load.


  • No charge for light pickup and car tires
  • No limit per visit
  • No charge for schools, city, state and federal agencies
  • Light pickup and car tires from businesses = $1.10 ea 
  • Tires on rims and donuts = Not accepted 
  • Medium-Large truck tires (20" and larger) = $4.50 ea 
  • Farm tractor rear tires = $20.00 ea 
  • Farm tractor rear tires with rims = Not accepted 
  • Larger than farm tractor rear tires = $25.00 ea 
  • Out of County car & pickup tires = $3.00 ea 
  • Out of County large truck (20" and larger) = $9.00 ea

Waste Not Accepted:

The following solid waste will not be accepted by the Transfer Station:

  • Old Vehicles
  • Dead animals
  • Explosives, ammunition, discharged fireworks
  • Medical Red/bag Infectious waste (also syringes and needles from individuals, businesses and feedlots)
  • Gas or propane tanks
  • Asbestos waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Any waste that requires KDHE special waste authorization for disposal


  1. Anyone intentionally dumping in the wrong pile after being told by the transfer station operator which pile to dump into (this means no trash or plastic bags in the burn or compost pile, no wire in the metal pile, etc), will be given a first time verbal warning.  If this individual continues to wrongfully dump, the Solid Waste Manager along with the County Sheriff Department will talk to the individual.
  2. Anyone dumping trash outside the transfer station gate or on county property will be prosecuted by the County Attorney.
  3. Any non-county employee caught trespassing after hours will be given a first time warning, then the next time they will be prosecuted by the County Attorney.

Segregation of Solid Waste:

Each type of solid waste is segregated or separated into its appropriate place or pile.  Waste that is mixed (ie, not separated will be charged $.02 per pound for the total load).  The household trash and garbage, which includes old furniture and bedding will be dumped on the transfer station floor, loaded into the trailer, then transported to Hamm's Landfill.  The tree limbs and brush will go to the designated burn pile.  All old appliances and iron will go to the white goods pile for later pickup by vendors.  There are separate piles for clean wire and aluminum with other metals, also to be picked up by the vendors.  There are designated piles for used tires and rubble.  The batteries and used motor oil are stored and recycled.  Household Hazardous waste items are separated into three different hazard/waste classes and stored into each of the other three different KDHE approved storage cabinets.  When these cabinets are full, or as needed, these items will be picked up by the HHW trailer from Big Lakes Regional HHW.

For more information or questions, please call the Transfer Station at (620) 767-5706.